This seasonal favorite is all about familiar holiday flavors and the welcoming aroma of a home-cooked meal. this soup is so easy to make and is even a great way to use up some of those turkey leftovers during the holidays.


Vegan/vegetarian friendly: Recipe may require some substitutions. Please note: all Mitchells products are stored and processed in a facility that has ingredients containing animal bi-products.


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Servings: 8-10 (2 Cup)/Portions Copieuses

Soup Mix - Turkey and Cranberry

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  • Directions: 1) In large pot, combine 2 tbsp oil, 1 large chopped onion, 1-2 lbs ground or cubed turkey. Sauté for 5 mins. 2) Add 1 C chopped celery, 1 C chopped carrot. Cook until meat is browned. 3) Add 10 C water and package contents. Bring to a boil and simmer, covered, for 1 hr, adding water if needed. Option: Peeled and cubed sweet potato, and/or halved brussel sprouts. Note: if using cooked leftover turkey, follow the same instructions without browning meat at the beginning. Just add cooked meat when you add the water and package contents.