Our Nourishing Facial Oil is formulated with carefully selected and exhaustively researched oils that will help you get your skin back on track, properly balanced and healthy, while protecting from further damage due to environmental conditions.  Whether you have combination, dry or mature skin - the symptoms and damage can be the same, a thinner epidermis layer that is prone to discolouration, fine lines and not so fine lines (groan - wrinkles).  Chapping and cracking is common due to the fragility of the skin and irritation can show up as redness or itchy patches.  Slapping heavy oils and moisturizes on is not the answer, you need a properly balanced formula that will support skin health and permeate the layers gently so moisture stays in. 


Using a properly formulated Facial Oil can keep your oil levels balanced and irritation at bay, and so we’ve formulated this Facial Oil to do just that, as well as nourish your skin with naturally occurring elements to help repair damage and protect against environmental conditions.  



  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Works to combat irritation and discolouration 
  • Non-greasy, absorbed easily
  • Balances natural oil production
  • Tightens skin for reduced appearance of fine lines
  • Reduces the appearance of dark spots
  • Clearer, and smoother skin
  • Acne-friendly 
  • Protects against environmental conditions
  • Revitalizes and promotes healthy skin
  • Imparts essential nutrients and vitamins to skin



Great for all skin types, our Facial Oil is specially formulated to help your skin retain its natural balance while nourishing and strengthening the natural barrier against environmental damage. 

This amazing oil comes in a 30ml bottle with a dropper top.  You don’t need much - just a few drops.  

Nourishing Facial Oil


    • Apply a few drops to clean face
    • Apply at night before bed or if you’re going outside in extreme conditions (I always apply before we go boating or quading so I have protection against the dry wind)
    • *Caution - Please check ingredients carefully. Some natural ingredients can exasperate medical conditions.  For example, if you have a bruising or bleeding disorder - this product is not for you because it contains Borage Oil.

    • Wash off in the morning or after your outing and let your skin breathe for a few hours before your next application. 
    • DRINK WATER!  Water helps flush toxins out from all parts of the body, but you’ll see the benefits on your skin first.