Changing the way you shower forever. Our preserved eucalyptus shower bundle make for the perfect bathroom décor, while creating a relaxing spa-like experience. Preserved means that it went through a process to keep the natural look of the plant. This means that it will look beautiful and green for years to come, while the leaves stay soft. However, the fragrance will last anywhere from weeks to months. 

Shower use: Tie around your shower head, the steam from the shower releases oils from the eucalyptus stem. While inhaling the calming scent of eucalyptus, you will experience ultimate relaxation. 

Our classic bundle has between 8-11 stems and is around 14” in height. Our mini bundle has 6-10 short stems and is around 6-7" in height. Both are wrapped in twine that includes 100% pure essential oil.

All bundles are unique, photos are for reference. 

For a stronger aroma, squeeze the eucalyptus stems, roll with a bottle and hang it on your shower head on high heat for a few minutes as your bathroom fills with steam. You may also drop your favourite essential oils into the twine. As the aroma may fade over time, the bundle's leaves will eventually dry and make for beautiful decor.

Avoid hanging eucalyptus bundles in the direct flow of water. Dry after every use. Colour may bleed.

Keep away from children and pets.
Consult with a doctor if you are pregnant.

Classic Eucalyptus Shower Bundle

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