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The idea of Archer & King was a spontaneous moment that quickly came to life after Kandis & Jessica had a coffee date discussing life goals, and hopes for the future.



We are both determined to make a difference, motivated to put the work in, have a fiery passion for building up other women and small businesses like ourselves.  We have built our own small businesses on the side, pouring our hearts into them. We have watched them grow as we have worked hard for them. We are true entrepreneurs at heart, meaning if something doesn’t work, we don’t give up; we find another way and we take the chance when opportunities are given. 



We carry unique quality items that are sourced from other small shops across the country. We want to bring our beautiful resort town of Elbow, SK, a unique shopping experience, all while supporting other small businesses while doing so.

OUR name


Finding the perfect name was one of the first things we obsessed over! We wanted something that would be meaningful, trendy, and that truly reflected who we are, coming together as a partnership.

If you’re interested in astrology, which we are, you’ll know that your rising sign is how you present yourself to the world. Well, we are both incredibly fierce, outgoing and charismatic, on the outside, but also feel the need to retreat to recharge on the inside. Our natal charts indicate the both of us having rising fire signs (Sagittarius & Leo), with solid earth and flowing water sun signs. Kandis’s rising Sagittarius represents the “Archer”, and Jessica’s rising Leo represents the “King”, coming together to bring a collective of goods supporting lots of local Canadian entrepreneurs.




As much as we are opposites, we are both determined to make a difference, motivated to put the work in, and have a fiery passion in everything we do. The only thing better than having an amazing partner to share the struggles with is having an amazing partner to celebrate the successes with.

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